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On The Jesus Files you’ll hear stories of real-life Christian heroes from the front lines of this thing we call life. We all face battles in our lives, yet we don't always feel strong. We don't always know how to overcome. In every episode you'll hear how other Christians win their battles and overcome, inspiring you to achieve your victories.
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Mar 30, 2016

Myrna Gale started life early knowing Jesus was real because He and His angels stood by her side in a hospital room while she was still a small child. From those miraculous beginnings, Myrna grew to raise 9 children...yet she didn't always listen to God. She says now that her mother, the voice of God and reason when she was still a teen, told her clearly not to marry. She did anyway and endured a long difficult relationship that was not godly. Given these life lessons, Myrna is now a woman who wants to see others' dreams come true. She is an independent publisher at 3G Publishing and healer in her community. Now, perhaps best of all, she's packing for her eternity with the things she does each day to build God's kingdom and love on the people around her.  

Mar 23, 2016

Stephen Shearsby grew up in a loving, Christian home. Yet in his adolescence, he had doubts. And what he loves most about that time in his life was that everyone supported him as he doubted...and when he came to his own understanding of faith, he went on to become an amazing youth pastor. Now he creates hilarious Christian kids' shows for video and live performances because he wants children to know the power and mercy of God's love the way he did. 

Mar 16, 2016

As a first responder to the Aurora theater and Sandy Hook Elementary tragedies, as well as countless others, Ginger tells her story of God's presence in the midst of evil. A member of the Billy Graham first response team, she answers tough questions like, where is God when tragedy strikes? When children die? When families are torn apart? Ginger shows through her story that God IS always there, in the midst of His children. And she gives hope to all through her firm conviction that Jesus truly is Lord and Savior.  

Mar 9, 2016

Joel Boggess, host of the Relaunch Podcast Show, has only known a life of miracles. Because of a near-death experience when he was five and a miraculous recovery, he realized early in life that there was not a moment to be wasted. He also knew, without a doubt, that there is a God that is bigger than all of the problems of this life, that was on his side. Listen to Joel's story firsthand and get inspired to find your voice and make a difference in this world in a bigger way.  

Mar 2, 2016

Singer-songwriter Janet Lund shares important lessons about parenting with love and grace and overcoming the odds through prayer and faith. Janet shows how you can experience the worst that life has to offer and never give up on your dreams, especially when those dreams involve your children and the call that God has placed on your life.