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On The Jesus Files you’ll hear stories of real-life Christian heroes from the front lines of this thing we call life. We all face battles in our lives, yet we don't always feel strong. We don't always know how to overcome. In every episode you'll hear how other Christians win their battles and overcome, inspiring you to achieve your victories.
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Apr 27, 2016

When Pastor Mike Killian was first called by God to ministry, he said yes because it all seemed like one big adventure...but when the cost to him and his family became clear, he hedged on his promise, and that hedge cost him dearly. Yet God is a God of restoration, and Mike's life was restored with a single breath. How often do you need another chance?  How often do you need God-sized strength for your life? Listen today and dive into God's plan, power, and grace for you. Pastor Mike Killian: How to Live in Radical Obedience

Apr 20, 2016

Karen Sweeney Ryall lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, four children, and grandchildren. While it may seem that she lives a quiet life, her heart for God is huge. In this episode she shares her story of hope in a time of hopelessness. She shows Christians how we can hold onto God's promises during the worst seasons of life and how we, too, can find treasures in hidden darkness. 

Apr 13, 2016

Grace Gayle was the seventh child of a poor farmer, and her childhood was fraught with crisis, trauma, and neglect. In her episode today, Grace Gayle tells her story of healing and victory through God's love, her own determination, and constant prayer and Scripture. Her unique method of praying the Scriptures can be found in her book From Victim to Victor. 

Apr 6, 2016

Christopher Duffley was born premature at only 1 pound, and soon after his birth he went blind. As if those weren't difficult enough circumstances, Christopher was diagnosed with autism at age five. Yet through it all, God had a plan. Today Christopher is a Youtube sensation, singing praise music to God, and now writing songs with his sister Grace. Listen to his amazing story in his own words!